" Goliath " by Scott Westerfeld

Goliath is Scott Westerfeld’s last book in the “Levithan” trilogy. But do you think its really the end of the trilogy? If you have read the “Uglies Trilogy” It wasn’t a real trilogy, he added a fourth book “Extras” As you can see there may be a fourth? 
Here is the first page:
” “Siberia,” Alek said. The word slipped cold and hard from his tounge, as forbidding as the landscape passing below.                              We won’t be over Siberia till tomorrow.” Dylan sat at the table, still attacking his breakfast. “And it’ll take almost a week to cross it. Russia is barking big.”                                     “And cold,” Newkirk added. He stood next to Alek at the window of the middies’ mess, both hands wrapped around a cup of tea.                                                                                                     “Cold,” repeated Bovril. The creature clutched Alek’s shoulder a little tighter, and a shiver went through its body.                                                              In early October no snow lay on the ground below but the sky was an icy cloudless blue. The window had a lace of frost around its edges, left over from a frigid night. “ 
Page 1 from “Goliath” by Scott Westerfeld
So what do you think? I’ve read the book and I have to tell you he leaves it where it can definitely have a fourth book. Hmm?
Critics reviews for book 2:
“Behemoth” (Book 2):                                                                                                      ”The action is nonstop in Westerfeld’s thrilling sequel to last year’s Levithan— fans of that book won’t be disappointed… This exciting and inventive tale of military conflict and wildly reimagined history should captivate a wide of range of reads.”    —-Publishers Weekly,  starred review    ”Please, Mr W, hurry with volume three.” —The Bulletin, starred review 
†Book Rating 5/5 stars  
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I love Goliath so much!!! I finished it today:)-kittycat33313

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